Chapter 35 Introduction to Employee Selection

Employee selection includes processes and systems that are used to determine who – from the applicant pool – should be extended an offer to work in the organization. While employee selection can include selecting individuals from outside of the organization, it can also be used to select individuals within the organization for promotions or lateral moves. As part of this process, we use selection tools, which might include interviews, personality tests, cognitive ability tests, work samples or simulations, application blanks, or recommendations. Selection tools can also be referred to as assessments, tests, or procedures.

For a brief introduction to employee selection, please consider watching the following conceptual video.

Link to conceptual video:

35.1 Evaluating Selection Tools

Our primary focus will be to learn methods for evaluating selection tools, which includes estimating their reliability and validity and whether they demonstrate bias. In the following conceptual video, I provide a general review of how organizations can go about evaluating selection tools.

Link to conceptual video: